About company

Our company was formed in 2001 and is engaged in research and production activities to develop, manufacture and introduction of processing aids for rubber mixtures, and promotors of adhesion for the rubber-cord materials.

In 2003, employees of the company was patented (patent number 2,232,168 by 13/02/2003) and put into production the first product of our company - processing aid Zinol CZ (the composition of zinc and calcium salts of fatty and resin acids). At present Zinol CZ can solve many technological problems and to reduce energy and labor costs for the following tire companies: JSC "Nizhnekamskshina" Private JSC "Rosava", JSC "Altai Tyre Plant", JSC "Belshina" and Pirelli's factories in Russia.

Along with development and production of Zinol CZ was carried out work in the field of research and development of high functional promoter of adhesion, based on the polyisocyanate for rubber-cord materials . The result of this work was the creation of products under the trade name "MK". Promoter of adhesion MK-1 successfully used in such enterprises of general mechanical rubber goods as: NPO "NIIRP", JSC "Ural plant RTI", JSC "Karagandarezinotechnika."

In 2008 LLC "Khimprodukt KM" has been successfully certified for compliance with international standard of quality ISO 9001:2008.

At present, our company manufactures in series 4 types of processing aids for rubber mixtures and one promoter of adhesion for the rubber-cord materials. 

The production area of the company, the laboratory of quality control of raw materials and products, and office are placed on the territory of JSC "Institute of Plastics" (NIIPM).